My Hustler Magazine Shoot

Monday, June 5, 2006 22:36
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I had my Hustler Magazine shoot yesterday and it went very well! It was a lot of fun and I even got a few snapshots for my site. The set was pretty, my makeup and hair looked nice, and the pictures came out very pretty!! They shot both cover and centerfold shots but Larry Flynt has the last say in who gets cover and centerfold. Both the art director and the photographer said that my shots should make it though so we’ll see!! I was suprised how difficult it was for me to hold the poses though. I guess I am used to only holding the poses for a shot or two then changing to a new one but for this type of shoot I had to hold the poses much longer. Once I got into the poses they wanted they would send the makeup guy in to fix my hair or adjust my clothing. Then the photographer would take so long to focus and to get each shot just right. My body would start to shake or feel like it would just give out! I guess in the end it was worth it because they let me look through the shots on the computer and almost every shot was a winner!

Today it is so hot outside! It will be in the 90’s all next week. I am just happy that it isn’t cold out. I really dislike cold weather. I like to be able to wear skirts and dresses and cute sandals! haha!

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