Crissy Moran The Not-So-Innocent Girl Next Door

Thursday, November 8, 2012 3:06
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When you first look at Crissy Moran, she looks like the kind of gal you’d take home to meet mom. She looks so sweet and innocent in her shorts and peasant top, long hair loose and flowing. But a few minutes after you introduce yourself, she’s suddenly lowering her shirt to reveal huge boobs and a big smile! You’re still stunned over your good luck when she starts unfastening her shorts to reveal very sheer lace panties.

She sits down and quickly slides them aside and tells you, “my pussy is really hungry. Have anything it can eat?” Your boner is growing but you are still wondering if this is a dream when she whips those panties off and sticks her finger in that hungry cunt. You better hurry up or you’ll be kicking yourself for missing this opportunity for the rest of your life!

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