Crissy Moran Loves Something Long Down Her Throat

Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:06
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Look at Crissy Moran eating that banana while sitting there looking all sexy gorgeous in a green and white polka dot bikini. Don’t you wish she had her lips wrapped around your cock like that? The potassium in bananas is a great energy boost and so is watching her mimic a titty fucking while eating one.

Banana set aside, she’s ready to tease you with her golden breasts now, knowing that you can’t get the thought of your cock between them out of your mind. Neither can she, and she simply has to stroke her little clit for a moment – or ten. Her cunt is wet and hungry and it definitely needs something more than a silly little banana to eat.

She’s on her knees for you, perfect height for standing and thrusting with your hard cock. Time to party!

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