Crissy Moran is a Temptress in Lace

Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:05
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You see the way Crissy Moran fills out her lace bra and panties, wrapped in a barely there skirt – her legs all laced up in heels. She’s like a modern day Greek sex goddess. She loves to smile and mince and pose for you too, knowing how crazy it makes you to see that stunning body. She loves to caress her perfect breasts for you, knowing how much you’d like to be doing that yourself.

When she slides her panties down, she imagines you’re the one doing it. Then she fondles that golden cunt and you know that mere mortals have gone to war for less. The thing about goddesses is that they know how to spread magic wherever they go, especially when they spread their pussy lips.

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