Crissy Moran Looks Glamorous in Yellow

Friday, July 20, 2012 5:43
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When Crissy Moran dresses up in this lovely yellow nightie with her hair all done up just right, she looks completely classy gorgeous. When she starts to lower it and tease you, there is a feeling that maybe, just maybe, she’s a little bit out of your league.

She’s just so drop dead sexy that you can’t help but hope that she isn’t just teasing. Even if she is, when she lays back, breasts bare, touching her sweet pussy with a moan on her face, it’s worth the fantasy to see her like that.

Don’t you wish you could bury your face in that wet twat and just get lost in her body for a while? I bet she’d love the way your throbbing hard cock would fill her up just right!

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