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Hi Crissy, thanks for taking the time to do this interview! :) We have some questions we don't think you've answered already (we tried anyway!) and some from your fans. We look forward to your answers! -Nurgle

Crissy Moran Blog: Ok we have to know! How do you stay in such great shape?

Crissy Moran: In my opinion I'm not in "great" shape. I am still trying to get there though. I just bought a Precor gym quality elliptical trainer which I have been using everyday (for a week so far!) and I also hike some hills a few times a week, I also try to incorporate lunges with my 8 lb hand weights here and there. I am not on any set routine right now but the last 2 nights I did workout on my elliptical for an hour. In the past I would do weight training, hiking, and also 30 min of cardio about 3 -4 times a week. Right now I am concentrating more on burning fat than building muscle. I want to get leaner. I am concentrating mostly on my butt and thigh area because that is my problem area.

Crissy Moran Blog: What's something you really like about yourself?

Crissy Moran: A physical trait that I like about myself might be my small waist. I was blessed with it! A personality trait would be that I am down to earth.

Crissy Moran Blog: Name 1 thing most people don't know about you?

Crissy Moran: Most people don't know that I hate cleaning my house. I can't live in a messy house but I really hate cleaning. I try to pick up after myself but I hate to dust, mop, do laundry, etc. I do have a maid that comes once eery two weeks that does all the hard stuff I don't like to do except laundry. I end up having to do laundry anyway!!

Crissy Moran Blog: What kind of underwear do you wear when you go out?

Crissy Moran: I almost always wear sexy thongs! I only wear cute boy shorts when I am sleeping but sometimes I just sleep nude.

Crissy Moran Blog: How do you think working in the adult industry has affected your feelings about sex or relationships?

Crissy Moran: Working in the adult industry hasn't really affected my feelings on sex. I have a very healthy sexual appetite. It has affected my relationships though in different ways. Sometimes when I am dating men would think I am just all about sex and have no substance. I am more of a relationship kind of girl so I have had to prove a lot to the men I have chosen to have in my life.

Crissy Moran Blog: Some people believe pornography is degrading to women; obviously there are some movies/sites that actually focus on projecting that the actresses are being degraded, but for porn in general, what are your thoughts?

Crissy Moran: I don't think that ALL porn is degrading to women. I can't say that none of it is though because there are sites and movies where the women are being spit on and mistreated. I would never want to be treated like that. The extent to my kinkiness would be to be tied up in bondage. Then again who's to say what I think is degrading might not be to the woman involved? It's a hard call but I suppose to each their own.

Crissy Moran Blog: Do you have a favorite adult movie? Why does it stand out more than others for you?

Crissy Moran: I don't generally watch adult movies. I only watch some of the ones I am in so I can see if it looks okay :-) I am a big time perfectionist!

Crissy Moran Blog: What is the best sex toy in the world and why?

Crissy Moran: The vibrating bullet... because it feels great and will make me cum a million times!

Crissy Moran Blog: Out of the movies you've done, which is your favorite?

Crissy Moran: I have done some recent movies that are not out yet and it would probably be one of them. I have yet to see them so I can't give an answer at the moment.

Crissy Moran Blog: Question from Abby: Are you a genuine bisexual or do you prefer men off the set?

Crissy Moran: I lean more towards men. I like women but when it comes down to dating I would be with a man. I like the strength and solidness of a man (in more ways than one!).

Crissy Moran Blog: Do you have a favorite girl to work with?

Crissy Moran: In this business I am very happy to be able to work with all my favorites! I don't even think I could pick an absolute favorite! I guess at the moment I am doing a lot of scenes with Lisa Daniels and Angie Savage and both girls I am crazy about! I have always enjoyed working with Anita Dark, Sandee Westgate (my first love!), and Mindy Vega. I have also done some recent still shoots with Crystal Klein who I think is fucking sexy as hell and Jaime Hammer who is very hot also!

Crissy Moran Blog: When you're doing a shoot, is it the photographer or the chemistry that does most of the directing? ;)

Crissy Moran: When I am shooting I pretty much like to do my own thing. I know the poses that are needed but I do like to work with a photographer who gives me input. I like to work with photographers that make me smile and make me feel good about my poses. I would say that there needs to be some chemistry between the photographer and me.

Crissy Moran Blog: We see you in a lot of outdoor scenes, do you like being adventurous outdoors in your personal life as well?

Crissy Moran: I love being outdoors in shoots. I think that natural light is the prettiest light! I am adventurous wherever I can be!

Crissy Moran Blog: Do you plan on doing more bikini shoots, (because those are HOT!)?

Crissy Moran: I will do more bikini shoots just for you Nurgle!! haha

Crissy Moran Blog: Question from Italian Fan: Did you really reach orgasms during hardcore scenes?

Crissy Moran: I did really reach orgasm in my hardcore scenes. That is the best part of the job!

Crissy Moran Blog: Speaking of hardcore, we understand you're no longer interested in working with men. Do you think you'll be able to keep us satisfied with just your girlfriends? ;)

Crissy Moran: I KNOW I will be able to keep my fans satisfied with my girl/girl shoots. I really enjoy working with the women I choose to work with and think they are some of the prettiest in the business. I made a list the other day of some of my favorite girls I am going to try and shoot with for my fans that I haven't yet!

Crissy Moran Blog: Tell us something special about your website.

Crissy Moran: I just got my webcam back up and running! I think this is going to be a very hot feature on my website! I used to have about 100 people watching me during my webcam shows back in the day and I loved every minute of it!! Alot of times I would be scheduled for an hour show and stick around much longer because I would be having so much fun! I will be able to do one on one shows as well on the new network I am on. I try to make my website very personable and update my diary everyday and add snapshots of me with my puppies or at shows as much as possible. My site will also be undergoing some new construction in a month or two where I will sit down and work on a new design that reflects me with my designer. I can't wait!

Crissy Moran Blog: Do you attend any shows where fans can meet you?

Crissy Moran: I have always enjoyed meeting my fans at shows. I really like to go to the Glamourcon shows in L.A. the most.

Crissy Moran Blog: Do you have anything happening we should look for in the near future?

Crissy Moran: Just the new changes to my website but that's about all right now. I have a lot of new girl/girl scenes that will be coming out too in different movies.

Crissy Moran Blog: When are you going to dump your man and get with Nurgle??!

Crissy Moran: Awww.... Nurgle!! :-)

She wants me.

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