Boobs healing nicely and new puppy

Sunday, October 30, 2005 20:29
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Well, my boobies are healing up really nicely and I even shot some new pics for you guys that will be up in a day or 2. I think they are better than before by far and happy thus far. I am actually more than happy I am ecstatic about it! I am still having some pain now and then and seems to be more in the left breast than the right one and I think maybe he did more work on that one since it was the one that was more messed up. I go Thursday to get my stitches out and I cannot wait!!!

Since my little kitty “Dior” has been gone for the last few weeks and I don’t think he is coming back my maternal instincts started kickin in full swing. I went to Chucky Cheese and was so touched by watching a little girl talk to her father and just the way she looked into his eyes. I laughed and then I started tearing up uncontrollably. I felt kind of embarrassed because I started crying. I know some of you guys have children and maybe some of you don’t but I can only imagine the feeling it must give you to look into the eyes of your own flesh and blood and feel that purest form of love that comes from the innocence of a child. So anyway, I went to a pet shop today and bought a puppy. I named him “Blade”. I couldn’t bring him home until Monday though because he has to go back the vet first. I put down a down payment though. He is the cutest little puppy ever and has the personality that I just love. He loves to be held and affectionate and mellow but then he also loves to play. He is a rare breed called a brussels griffon and is the short haired version of the dog. Everything I have read about him online is just perfect. I can’t wait to bring my new baby home and take lots of shots for you guys! He kinda looks like a teeny tiny boxer- brown with a black face and is only 8 weeks old. He will only get to be like 10-12 lbs though so he will stay small. Tomorrow I want to go shopping for his bed, little cute clothes, and all that cute trendy stuff for my new baby.

I am also taking some shots for a mainstream portfolio book. I want to take it with me to show to photographers at Glamourcon which I will be attending here in L.A. in Novemeber (and I will get to show off my new boobs!! ). I will be working a booth for this great new website called and they are providing 8×10’s that I can give away!! So please come meet me and say hello! Get details at . I might also have a cool new poster made to sell so I can make a little money while I am there but not sure I will heal in time to do a reallly great shot and have it printed.

Well, I am off to bed… kisses!!

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  1. snubby says:

    November 3rd, 2005 at 10:34 am

    Hey Crissy!!

    Congrats on the new dog – I just got a cocker spaniel puppy about 4 months ago. Puppies are cuh-RAZY handfuls, but she’s totally worth it. As for tearing up at Chucky Cheese, it happens to all of us at one time or another. They’re called mommy/daddy pangs and it means you’re alive – enjoy.

    Take Care,


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