Crissy Moran Official Site

Thursday, April 11, 2013 8:28
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Crissy Moran loves sex and she wants her fans to enjoy it with her; her Official Site gives you everything you want:

My private video collection has everything from me alone showing off my curvy body at home to me deepthroating my boyfriends and getting their stiff cocks drilled inside my pink wet pussy!

I’ve always been kind of a pervert and I believe sex should always be free, join me inside and watch my videos you’re going to love it! There is basically nothing I won’t do, I love sex!

Crissy Moran is Sheer Sex in Black

Thursday, January 3, 2013 13:46
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Super hot brunette Crissy Moran is all dressed up for you. You thought you were going out to dinner, but this luscious lady obviously has other things on her mind. She is all dressed up in hot black lingerie – with sheer black panties that allow you to see just the smallest hint of her sweet little pussy.

It doesn’t take her long before she slides those panties down, while showing you how her delicious titties are bursting out of her bra. Crissy Moran knows what kind of effect she has on men and she loves imagining you sitting there watching her, cock all hard and throbbing. She wants you to want her to the point of distraction. Crissy Moran deserves no less.

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Crissy Moran is a Sweet Innocent Sexaholic

Thursday, December 20, 2012 3:06
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When you see Crissy Moran in her sweet little panties and spaghetti strap teddy, hugging her plushy little bear, you don’t know whether to get hard or just say, “awwww”. She soon solves that dilemma, though, when she puts down the bear and starts ripping her clothes off. Her titties are so suckable and you wonder how her nipples would taste.

When the panties come off and she spreads her legs like that, all you want is to dip your tongue deep into that soft, wet cooze. But then she gets up on her knees and it’s an open invitation for some serious deep, penetrating doggy style action.

Your hardon is huge now and you know you could go balls deep in all that velvety goodness so easily! Nice fantasy, isn’t it?

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Crissy Moran Will Strip For a Cup of Sugar

Thursday, December 6, 2012 3:06
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You couldn’t believe your eyes the other day when gorgeous Crissy Moran knocked at your door to borrow a cup of sugar. But today she’s back, wearing the most sexy blue swimsuit you’ve ever laid your eyes on. “I just wanted to thank you,” she says, walking into the living room. Then she starts to strip! She takes the bottoms off first, sits down, and spreads her legs wide for you, giving you a wonderful view of her little cunt.

Off goes the bra, revealing those full, suckable breasts. You’re tripping and have to sit down, just in time for her to stand up and start fondling herself right in front of you. Then she’s back on the couch, spreading her lips wide and moaning, before standing up again, leaning over onto the couch, and saying, “I like to be fucked like this!” Then the alarm goes off – time to wake up.

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Crissy Moran Loves To Strip For You

Thursday, November 22, 2012 3:06
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Face it, Crissy Moran knows how to fill out a bathing suit very well. But even better, she knows how to take one off. With just a small amount of encouragement, she’s ready to slide her bottoms down and show you her pretty pussy and fine round ass. When the bottoms are off, it’s really lovely to check out her pussy from behind but before you can fill your eyes enough, she’s slipping her top off and mesmerizing you with her fabulous titties.

Soon, she’s naked for you, all that golden skin glowing and a nice view of her breasts and tasty cunt lips. And if you can’t see enough, she’s happy to lay back and stretch those lips apart just a bit to tease you with more. “Slide right in there,” she seems to be saying and you and your hard cock know just how great that would be, don’t you?

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Crissy Moran The Not-So-Innocent Girl Next Door

Thursday, November 8, 2012 3:06
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When you first look at Crissy Moran, she looks like the kind of gal you’d take home to meet mom. She looks so sweet and innocent in her shorts and peasant top, long hair loose and flowing. But a few minutes after you introduce yourself, she’s suddenly lowering her shirt to reveal huge boobs and a big smile! You’re still stunned over your good luck when she starts unfastening her shorts to reveal very sheer lace panties.

She sits down and quickly slides them aside and tells you, “my pussy is really hungry. Have anything it can eat?” Your boner is growing but you are still wondering if this is a dream when she whips those panties off and sticks her finger in that hungry cunt. You better hurry up or you’ll be kicking yourself for missing this opportunity for the rest of your life!

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Crissy Moran Loves Something Long Down Her Throat

Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:06
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Look at Crissy Moran eating that banana while sitting there looking all sexy gorgeous in a green and white polka dot bikini. Don’t you wish she had her lips wrapped around your cock like that? The potassium in bananas is a great energy boost and so is watching her mimic a titty fucking while eating one.

Banana set aside, she’s ready to tease you with her golden breasts now, knowing that you can’t get the thought of your cock between them out of your mind. Neither can she, and she simply has to stroke her little clit for a moment – or ten. Her cunt is wet and hungry and it definitely needs something more than a silly little banana to eat.

She’s on her knees for you, perfect height for standing and thrusting with your hard cock. Time to party!

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Crissy Moran Gets Outta Control When She’s Horny

Thursday, October 11, 2012 3:05
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Crissy Moran is in a mood. She’s dressed in pink and looking for action. She starts by sliding her shirt down just enough to reveal one nipple, hungry to be sucked. Then she uncovers both breasts, aching for your touch and caress. She’d love it if you’d stick your hard cock between them for a nice titty fuck before going further.

Just thinking about that makes her nipples so hard! She arches her back, fantasizing about what you would do to her, and soon she’s so wet she has to reach into her pants for a touch and taste. Then she takes her pants off, lays back, and pretends you’re inside of her, owning her, stroking her, making her cum repeatedly.

Come on, you know what you want. What are you waiting for?

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Crissy Moran is a Temptress in Lace

Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:05
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You see the way Crissy Moran fills out her lace bra and panties, wrapped in a barely there skirt – her legs all laced up in heels. She’s like a modern day Greek sex goddess. She loves to smile and mince and pose for you too, knowing how crazy it makes you to see that stunning body. She loves to caress her perfect breasts for you, knowing how much you’d like to be doing that yourself.

When she slides her panties down, she imagines you’re the one doing it. Then she fondles that golden cunt and you know that mere mortals have gone to war for less. The thing about goddesses is that they know how to spread magic wherever they go, especially when they spread their pussy lips.

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Crissy Moran Is One Hot Slut

Thursday, September 13, 2012 3:05
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Crissy Moran is looking particularly hot in this black lingerie. She is one damned fine fuckable bitch, don’t you think? She knows it too, the way she hugs her body and shows it off just for you. She knows you’re lusting after her and that she’s got it all going on with her looks and perfect body.

She turns around and gets on her knees and you see even her hot ass is decorated with a bow. Soon she has that bad boy untied, though, so she can slide her fingers around in her hot, moist cooze and tease you even more with all the hot stuff she’s got that you can’t touch. Bet it makes your cock hard, doesn’t it?

If so, you should whip it out and stroke it for her and show the little hottie what a fine piece of man meat you have going on.

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Crissy Moran is a Bodacious Babe in Blue

Thursday, August 30, 2012 3:01
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Crissy Moran is so beautiful, even the gorgeous lingerie she’s wearing pales in comparison. It sure is fun to watch her strip out of it, though, revealing that perfect body, bit by sexy bit. Let’s start with those lovely tits, just aching to be fondled and licked by strong hands and tongue.

Move down to her flat stomach, and around the back to that bodacious round ass made for squeezing. She slides her panties down and you can’t wait to see her love muffin, all juicy and ready to be licked, sucked, fucked, devoured! She makes it easy for you too, lifting her legs and spreading her tasty pink lips before stroking herself to orgasm.

Getting on her knees, she invites you to take a taste. Can you handle it the heat?

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Crissy Moran Super Hot Devil Woman In Red

Thursday, August 16, 2012 2:57
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Check out Crissy Moran with her hair all tousled, wearing hot red lingerie with the beach behind her. This is one hot bitch just looking for action. She’s gagging for it so hard that she can’t even keep her clothes on.

First goes the shirt, so she can stroke her breasts and make her nipples nice and hard just for you. Then she shows you that fine ass, her little cunt slit still covered in sinful red fabric. Not for long though. She’ll go out in the sun to take off the panties keeping you from seeing what you want. Then, since she likes the way you look, she’ll get down on her knees for you and even spread her cunny lips to show you just where she wants you to ram it hard and deep inside her.

This temptress is more than happy to lead you down the poison path to the world of sexual depravity and she’ll make you love every step of the journey!

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Crissy Moran Takes a Ride on One Thick Dick

Thursday, August 2, 2012 2:56
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When you see Crissy Moran wrap her gorgeous lips around a huge cock, it’s enough to make your cock burst in your pants! The diminutive hottie looks even better when she’s riding on a cock stuffed deep inside her moist cunt, moaning.

She loves the way the hardness feels inside her, stroking against the soft muscular walls of her pussy, especially when she’s all the way down balls deep. Crissy Moran just can’t get enough of good cock. You might even say that she worships it and as a hard man yourself, you know there’s nothing wrong with that.

You wouldn’t mind shoving into that little cooze yourself, would you?

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Crissy Moran Looks Glamorous in Yellow

Friday, July 20, 2012 5:43
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When Crissy Moran dresses up in this lovely yellow nightie with her hair all done up just right, she looks completely classy gorgeous. When she starts to lower it and tease you, there is a feeling that maybe, just maybe, she’s a little bit out of your league.

She’s just so drop dead sexy that you can’t help but hope that she isn’t just teasing. Even if she is, when she lays back, breasts bare, touching her sweet pussy with a moan on her face, it’s worth the fantasy to see her like that.

Don’t you wish you could bury your face in that wet twat and just get lost in her body for a while? I bet she’d love the way your throbbing hard cock would fill her up just right!

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Crissy Moran Overflows from Her Lacy Black Bra

Saturday, April 21, 2012 3:45
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Exquisite beauty, Crissy Moran is gorgeous in her lacy black bra and panties, but those big boobs of hers cannot be contained.

Crissy looks perfectly classy as her large breasts overflow from her bra and kissable nipples are revealed atop her luscious swells.

Sheer panties do little to hide the tempting pussy beneath and when the underwear is peeled away, Crissy turns to flaunt her firm behind.

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Crissy Moran Exposed in Checkered Stockings

Thursday, March 15, 2012 11:09

Crissy Moran sports a pair of flirty pigtails in this gallery as she poses in nothing but funky checkered stockings.

Fit and busty, the beautiful babe seats herself by a large mirror and allows her reflection to give you a double dose of visual heaven as she gets naughty.

With her big boobs on display, Crissy angles her body for optimal arousal. She shows her sweet pussy and then gets down on all fours.

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Crissy Moran Licks Her Feet

Thursday, March 1, 2012 0:13

Sexy Crissy Moran is gorgeous from head to toe and this gallery has her presenting that much of her body for your viewing.

Wearing her brunette hair long and popping her large breasts out of her blue bra, Crissy also removes her panties so that her pink pussy is fully visible.

From there, she works her way down to her bare feet and licks at her pedicured toes.

Enjoy Crissy Moran stripping and licking her feet

Crissy Moran Gives a Blowjob in Nature

Thursday, February 23, 2012 2:26

Crissy Moran gets on her knees in shallow water to delivery a messy blowjob for this hardcore gallery.

The sexy brunette works her mouth like magic over her lover’s long rod. She maneuvers in a bobbing and stroking motion until his sticky cum is dripping down her chin and breasts.

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Crissy Moran Gets Naked with Mindy in Bed

Monday, January 30, 2012 0:55
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When Crissy Moran and her cute Latina girlfriend, Mindy Vega, put on their skimpy black bikinis, they look so sexy that they just can’t keep them on.

The naughty girls never make it out of the bedroom as they help each other strip naked and help themselves to some lesbian lovin’.

They press their pretty titties together as they embrace and even get down on all fours to bump butts. It’s a sexy experience that you get to see unfold!
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Crissy Moran Gets Intimate with Angie Savage

Friday, January 27, 2012 1:42
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Crissy Moran has made a lot of very sexy girlfriends and in this gallery, the busty brunette gets to make lesbian love to hot blonde, Angie Savage.

The buxom vixens help each other out of their lingerie and onto each other. Angie crawls onto the couch and into Crissy’s cooch with her skilled fingers and Crissy repays the erotic kindness with the use of a sex toy in Angie’s wet pussy.

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